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Public Hearing on Proposed Local Law A of the year 2016

Proposed Local Law A of the year 2016 shall be known as

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Town of Perry

Welcome to the Town of Perry, NY

We’re about the land. It’s where we live. It feeds our community and sustains our growth. It’s where we produce dairy and grow crops in our strong agricultural tradition. It’s where we go to school as a Perry Yellowjacket and maintain an alumni association for over 130 years. It’s where we work and inspire entrepreneurs for a vision of revitalization.

We’re about the water. Clean and fresh. It’s a protected natural resource that provides recreation and the basic element for life. It’s where we play and where we like to get away. It’s Silver Lake, the Genesee River, aquifers and Oatka Creek. It’s where we go to fish and think out our dreams.

We’re about the open space. It’s where we can see for miles across hills and valleys. We are not The Buff nor The ROC. We are close enough to New York State’s #2 and #3 urban centers, yet a world away that is hidden in rural landscapes. We are ambitious and productive as well as spacious and protective. We are about conservation and an appreciation of our rural heritage. We play hard and work harder;  there's a lot of business to be done. We have a passionate vision and an open mind to live...HERE.

All year long we have beautiful places and friendly faces. Perry is where we call home. We hope it becomes your home, too.

Windchill: 54°F
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Location: Perry, NY, US
Wind: 7 mph N
Humidity: 69%
Visibility: 10 mi
Preasure: 29.85 in falling
Sunrise: 6:33 am
Sunset: 7:47 pm

High: 51°F
Low: 31°F
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High: 43°F
Low: 25°F
Mostly Cloudy
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